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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900528

Cheddar in Kissimmee, they tell you the waiting time and you wait more, the floor is always slippery but good food.

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I worked for Cheddars 3 months when I started everything was great. How ever the GM was out with hip surgery. When he came back he took me off the schedule and one of the manger put me back on. Then hired up a bunch of people, they left me off the schedule again a second time. Then when I called and told them I was not on the schedule and I got sick in the mean time. When I got to feeling better-I call to make sure I was on for the next week.... Read more

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I live close to Cheddars in Overland Park Ks. It has been a regular stop for us and we have eaten there many times without complaints. Today I called in an order to go and the order was missing the condiments i requested by phone. These are key ingredients that are what makes the meal. I live 20 minutes away I called to complain to the manager figuring he would be the one that could do something about a mistake that his crew made and his mistake... Read more

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I took my kids out to eat at Cheddar's. That was the WORST EXPERIENCE I have ever had. We didn't have SILVERWARE or NAPKINS on the table. We had to ask for EVERYTHING there was to get stuff. Got the food the and still NO UTENSILS.WE STILL waiting on our UTENSILS. The air is so cold in there it makes your food cold. So we ate COLD FOOD. My son ORDERED STEAK WELL DONE. AND IT WAS HALF DONE. The food this seems like it was just thrown on the plate.... Read more

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Poor service with lack of concern. Went to have lunch in Centerville Cheddars to celebrate my son in laws graduation from Masters Degree. Ordered 2 peach Bellini's & one was delivered with rasberry to my daughter. I was left with no drink and no server to be found. My husband complained to the Manager that we ordered two. Two were then delivered to our table. We thought they were making up for the error. They then wanted to charge us for 3. I... Read more

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This restaurant just opened up new in Dayton Ohio so I went to see what it was like very nice building lots of people to wait on you I was just disappointed in the hamburger well actually cheeseburger it might as well have been a bun with lettuce tomato and onion because the beef that was on it was so small it actually fell out of the sandwich. Bringing me Diet Coke's every five minutes I was there maybe 20 minutes and I had three Diet Coke's... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 18
  • #884514

This compliant is about a black waitress named Audra. She is rude and crude and should be kept away from the public. She has a smart mouth and talks about the rest of the staff on the floor.

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First off the hostess kept trying to give me a booth after I told her twice I wanted a table finally got a table ordered an appetizer and the plates were all dirty. Then ordered my food waited and hour then when I got the food order was completely wrong the burger looked like it was left over from someone who didn't eat it and staff acted like it was my fault they messed up I spoke to a manager she acted as if she didn't care what so ever so... Read more

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Went to chedders waited 40 min for a table friends of ours had already been there waiting for a table for 6 they finally cleaned a table big enough for us and we thought sure it was for us but no for someone else and we kept seeing big groups ahead of us being seated so we walked out after finding out the table wasn't ours and the didn't give us a thing to know when we did get a table and everyone else got one Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 21
  • #869651

Walked through the restaurant all the way to the opposite end. Two extremely loud tables of adults and children were near us, many times dropping plates, etc. Summer menu selection menu really lacked! It will be a while before i return.

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