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On hold for the entite 15 minute drive to my local Tulsa Cheddar's to place a pick up order. Placed it as I was parking to go inside so ended up waiting anyways.

I walked in, said I was there for a pick up (so I could pay) and the 3 young hostesses all looked at me like they couldn't be bothered and didn't say anything. I waited there two minutes while they laughed and continued talking as if it was a party. Finally, an older woman walked by and asked if I had a pick up order. Thank God someone was going to help me!

She apologized for my wait on the phone and said no one told her there was anyone on the line. She returned with my food about 15 minutes later. I got home, opened up my food and noticed a few things. I didn't get gravy on my mashed potatoes, my mac and cheese serving was very small and then the best part of my night: I ordered a monster cookie and I didn't get the whole thing because it apparently stuck to the pan?

The server who packed it left a note. $15 thrown down the drain.

My chicken tenders weren't hot either. This is my favorite restaurant and I usually just deal with the slow service, but this horrible visit is definitely going to keep me from going back.

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to Anonymous #984657

It may not be hot, but it wouldn't be cold in 15 minutes. Not unless it had been sitting for quite some time already.

to Anonymous #993229

I am sure it was not cold as they claimed it was and I am sure that they waited more than 15 minutes before eating the chicken.


Of course the chicken was cold. It won't stay fresh over hot if you had to drive it home 15 minutes away.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #984109

For someone old enough to drive this person is quite foolish. Kindergarten science tells you that something that comes out of the oven does not stay hot. It cools down.

to Anonymous #987532

If it's in a styrofoam container like is pictured, yes it will stay hot if it was hot when it was put in there.

Orange, California, United States #984085

Why did you eat part of the cookie and then lie and claim you did not get the whole thing? It is quite clear part of the cookie was eaten before the picture was taken.

There are chocolate chip marks all over the container.

Looks like you wrote the note yourself. It sounds like the kind of childish thing you would do.

to KevinRichards #1044271

Kevin Richards - get a life - you have nthing better to do than answer EVERYONE'S complaint with your opinion --- did you cook it? were you there?

how would you know anything about anything ...

what a *** - no life huh?

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