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Was at your location on Clinton Hwy Knoxville, tn 37912 for dinner with my family while I was home on christmas leave from returning from Afghanistan.We had finished iur meal and when I asked if they gave a military discount the server said they only did that for uniformed personnel, so I asked to speak to the manager Juan.

When talking to him he told me that I had to be in uniform, I feel like it is a loop hole to say that you offer a discount without habing to give one. As a corporation I would for you to reconsider this policy for people who fight for this country, regular people can go to any army surplus store and get a uniform and act like they are in the military and get the discount that actually veterans and actuall military personnel cannot get. When we take leave or get off duty we take thw uniform off and when going out to dinner you dont want to put it back on just to get the discount when so many other places simply ask for a military ID.

I hope you all get this straightened out because I will not be eating there again without that and I will tell all my veteran and active duty family to not eat there also.You can contact me at 865-742-3093 or email me at coopertyler12@yahoo.com thank you.

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Anyone that has served since 9/11 knows that the military strongly suggests service members not wear their uniforms in public places unless on official duty.In fact, my unit in Texas forbid us to wear our uniforms off base unless we were stopping somewhere on our way to or back home from work.

It minimizes the risk of that service member becoming a target of some kind. Plus, what kind of person dresses up in their uniform to go out to dinner. Any *** can go out and buy a uniform these days.

Have them pull out their military/veteran ID or their DD214 as proof.Clearly Cheddars leadership knows nothing about the American armed forces.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #1343497

No one that is home on leave has their uniform with them....let's step up our game America, give these men and women what they deserve...It should be a fee meal, but at least give them the discount they deserve...you have no idea the sacrifices they and their families have made for us.

Sugar Land, Texas, United States #1314246


I agree with you 100%.

If Cheddars pledges support for Military Heroes, many who have put their lives on the front lines for our country, being in uniform or out of it should not matter as long as the patron can present his or her military ID.

Shame on you Cheddars!!!


Yeah I'm pissed too! My hubby was in Vietnam! These men deserve so much more...

Dewitt, Iowa, United States #1276950

Cheddars offered one in the first place.so it's not like he is begging for something because he is military.

That is a dumb rule. I'd almost rather them not offer on at all then only offering it to some military veterans. I've been to chains that offer discounts near my base and then on leave I am shopping at the same store different location. I asked for the discount and they say "nope we don't have one".

I just think the country is country wide.An active duty military member is sorta always on duty too, uniform or not.


Dude it's there choice.STF up.

You give the rest of us who serve a bad name. No one has an obligation to give you anything.

You're serving.Research the term and please use spell check.



Wow. I agree, what a disappointment!


Bad idea posting your email address and phone number on this very public website.

Buford, Georgia, United States #949096

They made a mistake. Contact corporate.

Slidell, Louisiana, United States #836020

I m in slidell la they dont offer it here either

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